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The Gift of Pain: Evening Seminar with Genjo and Jack

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Massage Mastermind: Having Your Voice Heard


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Seminars to be held 5762  27th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Note from Jack: These lectures will be held at my home - limited to 20 students!

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These seminars are offered to bodyworkers, clients, and other interested parties. The intention is to create a forum for a discussion of some of the larger issues revolving around the profession of bodywork.


Issues in Peer Supervision Seminar

Cara Ross, Andrea Munson and Jack Blackburn

CEU Value: 3



This seminar will be guided by 3 long-time bodyworkers, Cara Ross & Andrea Munson who have been in supervision with Jack Blackburn for 10 years and also have held their own regular group meetings during that time. Over the years they have covered significant issues from their practices, including ethical material, business plans, starting new ventures, burnout, difficulty saying: "no", conflicts between personal and professional goals. They have deepened their listening skills, grown tremendously in their abilities to support one another, been strong witnesses for bringing out one anothers fears and challenges, and also witnessed one anothers forward growth and maturity over the years. They want to support others now in accomplishing the same thing for themselves.

Cara, Andrea and Jack will gently guide you through the stages of learning peer supervision, setting up your own groups, an most important, balancing your work with clients with your support of one another.


Supervision in Bodywork

Genjo Marinello and Jack Blackburn

CEU Value: 3

Table Talking Supervision

Jack and Genjo have been providing training and writings about different kinds of professional supervision for many years. He has published several articles on the subject, including guidelines on starting your own peer supervision group.

What supervision is: In the social sciences and helping professions the word takes on quite a different meaning from general usage. First supervision connotes a sense of clarity and being in a better position to see things, to perceive and correct issues as from above.  A supervisor in this sense is someone who has many years of experience and thus is aware of many of the problems that can arise. Jack has been in supervision himself for almost 18 years and was trained in supervision while in graduate school in the early '90s.

Secondly, in the helping professions the supervisor is one who "helps the helper" so to speak, serving at the behest of the practitioner, not the reverse. Thirdly the supervisor must have interactive skills that foster confidence and validation in the supervisee. Fourth the supervisor maintains strict confidentiality towards the practitioner's process. Fifth the supervisor can play a variety of roles to support the practitioner: mentor, coach, preceptor, advocate, tutor, consultant, counselor and sometimes therapist. Supervision is required in many of the helping professions because client sessions are mostly one-on-one and therefore intimate and personal.



Paliative Care Seminar
Meg Robsahm and Jack Blackburn

Meg and Jack invite you to spend an evening with us discussing our experiences working with terminal clients and staff in palliative care units in hospitals. this is probably the most exciting new enterprise in caregiving because the staff are deeply affected by the deaths of their patients and so they realize that they must also receive care. They also realize that they need to develop a strong inner life and discover ways to support their feeling awareness in their own bodies. One of the most surprising effects of this work is that patients can discover their own life-essence inside even as they are preparing to take their last breath.  


CEU Value: 3


Creating an Inner Life

Opening to Inner Guidance

with Genjo Marinello and Jack Blackburn



Bodywork and End of Life Care

with Meg Robsahm

Mount Fuji

If you would like further training in the field of hospice massage,
please see the workshop:

End of Life Care: Being Present Without an Agenda

Energy Medicine & Healing Touch

with Jack Blackburn


If you are interested in further energy work training, please see our Reiki training schedule



Enneagram Types & Self Development

With Jack Blackburn


Healing and Wholeness 

With Jack Blackburn


Implications of Presencing for Bodyworkers 

With Jack Blackburn

This seminar has grown out of an article Cynthia Price and I wrote for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy and presented to the National AMTA Conference in 2008. We will explore how the applications of presencing affect the ways we work with clients.

Please also check out the Presencing Somatics Introduction workshop



Introduction to Table Talking

With Jack Blackburn




Long-Term Client Relationships

with Genjo Marinello



Meditation for Bodyworkers Seminar


Due to the depth of the discussion at the Meditation for Bodyworkers  workshop, an evening seminar has been added to the class calendar, as well as a new workshop: Meditation in Action.

Personal Presencing

With Jack Blackburn

Presencing People

 Presencing Pain

With Jack Blackburn 


PowerPoint presentation and group discussion of pain, pathology, and suffering. We will explore pain from the standpoint of markers for developing client somatic awareness. pain as a body signal is not pathological per se. When we go into the pain rather than avoiding or anesthetizing the pain we are joining the body's healing systems and developing deeper conscious awareness.

Please also check out the Presencing Somatics Introduction workshop 




Sensitive Body Parts: Neck, Jaw, Face, and Hands

We will explore the head, neck, throat, eyes, face, jaw, and hands. Many bodyworkers avoid these parts of the body because they are highly ennervated and because they are highly charged with client's sense of personal identity. We will explore our own energetic and emotional charge about these parts of the body and how much we subconciously inhibit their functioning.

We offer an excellent Intraoral Massage Workshop that is approved for State of Washington Endorsement


Signs and Gifts of Presence

With Jack Blackburn


A lecture, PowerPoint presentation and group discussion of the special qualities that accompany inner work.


Spiritual Development and Bodywork

With Jack Blackburn

Click here for other workshops 

on Spiritual Development and Bodywork


Taming the Tiger

With Jack Blackburn

Fear Tiger



The Power of Touch

How do clients view touch? How do practitioners view touch? What are acceptable expressions of touch? Why do we fear touch? Why do caregivers restrict touch? What are the new potentials of touch?