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Reiki Master


Reiki with Jack Blackburn


Reiki means universal life energy. Reiki is the art and science of channeling and directing this energy to promote well-being. This unique approach to teaching Reiki emphasizes its use by professional bodyworkers because it is very compatible with many forms of bodywork and is especially helpful for working with clients with injuries, extreme pain, stress or fatigue, or people for whom other modalities are contra-indicated.



In these workshops, you will:

  • Learn how to give Reiki to individuals and how to do Reiki in a group.
  • Learn how to do Reiki on yourself.
  • Learn how to integrate Reiki into your current bodywork practice.
  • Feel the energy moving through your hands and observe the effects on recipients.
  • Discuss healing as a spiritual path.
  • Learn advanced techniques to facilitate client self-healing.

Reiki I

This class is open to all bodyworkers,or students of bodywork. First and foremost Reiki involves self-healing. In other words you learn to use it on yourself. The more you practice on yourself the more effective you will be with your clients. This class is the first in a series of Reiki classes particularly adapted to the professional bodywork community. Using Reiki involves consciously directing energy to a site on the client’s body. Reiki can be used in conjunction with any form of bodywork and can enhance the healing effects by bringing the client into a deeply peaceful and restful space. Reiki can also be used in most situations where manipulative forms of bodywork would be contraindicated such as open wounds, infectious illnesses and cancer. It is also very useful for clients who are depressed, hyper-sensitive or overly fatigued. This first class in Reiki will give you the tools to start using this energy immediately with yourself and your clients.

Reiki II

Students should have taken Reiki I at least 3 months before taking this class. In this second class in the series: Reiki for Bodyworkers, you will learn new refinements to what you learned in Reiki I. You will be attuned and trained to use three key symbols and their accompanying mantrams. After this level of training you will be able to adapt the energy you transmit to your clients for situations that involve mental and emotional difficulties. These additional skills will further compliment the other bodywork modalities you use in your practice. In addition you will be able to help yourself with your own mental and emotional difficulties. The third symbol opens totally new ground in your work with clients: you will learn how to give long distance healings, cutting through the separations of time and distance. You can use the technique to work long-distance with a client who is too ill to see you in person. You can also send healing energy to an event from that happened in the past or will be occurring in the future.

Reiki III / Reiki Master Class on Orcas Island May 2013

The Reiki Master class is usually taken by people who want to deepen their awareness of Reiki and their facility in using it with their clients. Although most people do not take this class in order to teach classes of their own, participants will be fully trained to conduct Reiki classes. This can be quite useful in other ways. One of the most powerful uses that comes out of the Reiki Master training is the ability to initiate your clients, especially those with very troubling physical or emotional distresses, so that they can work on themselves. During the first 5 years I was a Reiki Master, this is how I primarily used my ability to initiate people in Reiki. I have witnessed many profound healings for clients who have received the initiations and the self-healing awareness that goes along with it.

During the four days on Orcas, I will initiate you as a Reiki Master and you will be learning the rituals and material for each level of Reiki. You will be initiating each other at each of the levels both for practice and in order to deepen your experience of the work. We will be cloistered during this time so that most of our focus will be on learning Reiki, living Reiki, and growing a much closer relationship with the Reiki Masters who originated this work. There will be plenty of time for questions, discussion, and group supervision. My hope is not only that each of us will increase in our connections with the origins of Reiki and the Masters behind the scenes, but that we will also develop a very deep and abiding connection as members of a small committed community of Reiki Masters.

Some of you may feel ready to teach Reiki to your colleagues in the bodywork community and this class will certainly give you enough preparation and understanding to do that. As with any Reiki Master training, I remain available to you as a consultant should you want to take this step.

Student Feedback

"I want to thank you for this class for bodyworkers and for showing us how to incorporate this into our practice. You have inspired me to want to meditate and doself Reiki daily."
~ Student, 2008

"This class not only touched my professional life but touched my personal life, personal growth - all aspects of who I am becoming." ~ Student, 2008

"I am certain that you are constantly bombarded with thanks, praises, compliments and such....and I, too, would like to share my thoughts about the Reiki  class I just had with you. First of all, having had the opportunity to really observe your teaching style and how you handled a variety of different personalities in a class setting was a learning opportunity in itself. I was humbled by your compassion, patience and tolerance of each one of us and came away humbled and inspired to strive for those same qualities...As for the Reiki itself, I have been practicing it daily and have gotten those symbols down pretty darn good! I am still thinking about and wondering when to use which one....but with good intent, I don't think too much damage could be done if I should make the wrong choice. I love Reiki!!! and have definitely felt the increase in energy and it takes a while for my hands to quit pulsating after doing a session." ~ Student, 2007

"What I liked about this class is that I learned to recognize what healing and forgiveness feels like in my body." ~ Student, 2006

"The retreat was absolutely wonderful. I appreciate the gentle yet deep way that you teach.
I learned a lot." ~ Student, 2006



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Essential Reiki by Diane Stein, Chapters 4-6.

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