Positional Release Technique

with Denise Deig

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Positional Release Techniques for Muscles

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Positional Release Techniques: Joint Application and Isometrics

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Awakening Through Movement Arts


Awakening Through Movement Arts


Class Description: This class introduces a unique approach bridging somatic education and movement studies with Esoteric Healing, based on the work of Alice Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans. Our exploration of gentle movements will expand beyond our usual sensory & motor awareness to other aspects of our being. We house a myriad of influences from Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Personality, Soul, & Spiritual levels. Using movement, sound and breath as tools for transformation, these often hidden influences will be revealed as we awaken to our inner worlds.  This self discovery holds the potential for lasting change as we come to know the interplay and influence of various aspects of Personality and Soul.                                                                                         

Required Pre Class Reading: “When the Soul Awakens” by Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg.


JOINT APPLICATIONS & ISOMETRICS of Positional Release Techniques

with Denise Deig, MSPT,GCFP,BFLT/T

Positional Release Techniques

THESE COURSES are a must for all bodyworkers and physical therapists. Also referred to as “Homeopathic Bodywork” or “Joint Mobilization,” this extremely effective and gentle modality has been radically transforming physical therapy and is sure to have the same effect upon bodywork. Learn how to take the client into their pattern of dysfunction to trigger a reflexive or

neurological response to resolve that pattern of dysfunction. Isometric exercises are also used to maintain more optimal patterns of alignment and function. This powerfully

transformative tool results in core healing. Uses easy, effortless client handling techniques and results in maximum change through minimal practitioner effort.


I would definitely not have been able to achieve such dramatic results with pain relief and return of functional movements so quickly. As a therapist I realize that with the use of these techniques one can reduce the development of restrictions in ROM, chronic holding patterns, and secondary compensatory gait patterns…Last but not least, I can now say with greater conviction that this stuff really works wonders!”

By Aditi Velankar, P.T., December 2005

“I have been a physical therapist for over 10 years. Most of my career has been devoted to establishing a strong clinical background in direct techniques. I was not much of a believer in the indirect concept until I was treated in class and had my own somatoemotional response. After taking the weekend class, I used Positional Release on every patient for an entire week. I was dumbfounded with the immediate responses from my patients. They joked about my magic fingers and asked “how did you do that?”  Now, Positional Release is the first treatment I perform.  The experience has been phenomenal from a personal and

professional viewpoint.”

By Becky G. House, PT, MHS, OCS, CSCS

Denise Deig Postional ReleaseCOURSE OBJECTIVES

To become familiar with the theoretical basis of osteopathic treatment and indirect techniques.

To become familiar with dynamic systems theory.

To demonstrate an adequate anatomical foundation to use the techniques presented.

To develop palpation skills as is appropriate for each student.

To enhance joint mobilization skills with an indirect approach.

To become familiar with Positional Release techniques and to recall with 85% accuracy the techniques presented in class.

To have an understanding of the underlying principles presented in class which enables the student to confidently apply these principles and techniques to their unique clinical setting and client population.



This class will include lecture, demonstration, and lab practice time. Joint mobilization techniques will be presented within the context of an indirect approach to manual therapy. Peripheral, spinal and cranial areas will be covered; including pelvis, ribs, sternum, lower extremities, upper extremities, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine as well as newly developed cranial techniques. Isometric exercises will also be included. We will experience Bones for Life® or Feldenkrais® movement processes daily to clarify the organizational changes as joints are freed into their optimal function and to introduce the practitioner to these valuable and complimentary programs of study.


Denise DeigDENISE DEIG, MSPT,GCFP,BFLT/T has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Indiana University and did her PT training at the University of California, San Francisco. She completed her MS degree in 1994 from the University of Indianapolis. Denise has extensive postgraduate training in orthopedic physical therapy and somatic education. She completed the Feldenkrais® professional training program in 1992 and is a certified Bones for Life® instructor. Denise is the author of Positional Release Technique, A Dynamic Systems Perspective and has been teaching Positional Release Technique nationwide since 1986. She teaches the approach through the MHS postgraduate Physical Therapy curricula to orthopedic and neurological therapists at the University of Indianapolis. Denise currently has a private practice in Fishers, Indiana where she sees clients and teaches movement classes.www.DeniseDeig.com


You may purchase Denise Deig's book, Positional Release Technique, A Dynamic Systems Perspective, by contacting us, or through Denise's website: www.DeniseDeig.com